The SPF Winter High Roller Tournament has come to an end. Pavel Shchitnikov beat more than 150 players in the Main Event and won the main prize of the series, provided by Sochi Poker Club. The reward for his work was 8,500,000 rubles.

Pavel Shchitnikov won the SPF High Roller Winter Series tournament

Pavel Shchitnikov: Champion SPF HR: WINTER

“Okay, I completed this game! Thanks to everyone who supported me, especially my wife and daughter. And to the one who taught me how to play poker!”

Sochi Poker Festival

The Sochi Poker Festival brand has been attracting everyone’s attention for several years now. The Sochi series is deservedly known as the most popular tournament in Russia. There are many reasons for this. It is, of course, an ideal location for an event, with a set schedule and buy-in options that allow you to plan your holiday in advance. Subject to the first two points, SPF owners have never given up experimenting with tournament fees.

The success of SPF High Roller in the summer raises the expected question: why not organize the same festival in winter? Ski season is in full swing, prices in Krasnaya Polyana are high, and the resort attracts thousands of overnight visitors. The more expensive races are easier to pay for travel expenses, and the habit of athletes arriving in the winter or early spring to compete in the cheaper series has not gone away.

Previous winners

It was SPF that launched the first Super High Roller tournament in Russia with a very high entry fee, and it was SPF that came up with the idea of ​​creating a separate series of tournaments for those who like to play for big money. The SPF High Roller was held for the first time in the summer of 2022, and David Aslanyan, who became the champion, received 6 million rubles in prize money. Further – more, the winner of SPF High Roller Stanislav Davidolgov became richer by 8.4 million rubles.

Champion 2024

The winner of the SPF Winter Hawker was Pavel Shchitnikov. He held his own at the final table, especially when it came to dueling the top five. He had a great tournament, but even with excellent poker skills, not everyone can master them in the process of playing and in a rush of emotions. As the winner, Pavel took home his third Sochi Poker Club trophy (but by far the most valuable), a gold SPF Championship ring and 8,520,400 in prize money!

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