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How to watch the game? Is it possible to deposit crypto? How to join your club? The answers to these and other common questions that new players ask us can be found on this page.

The cash register and the rate of chips in each club are separate. You will see the cash desk and history in the club. Replenishment and withdrawal at your request through operators.
Yes we accept BTC, USDT, ETH. We can also add others on request.
PokerBros or PPPoker apps for Android can be downloaded from Google Play, for ios - Appstore.
For PPPoker there is a Windows version which you can download from the official site For PokerBros there is no Windows version, but there is a great option to play via android emulators on PC: LDplayer or Bluestacks.
Countries are different, the level is different, somewhere there are already a lot of regs, and somewhere like in 2008. Players are recruited mainly by acquaintance from offline clubs
In PPPoker trackers are banned and the app won't turn on, but H2N works. In PokerBros trackers are not banned. VPNs and emulators are banned in some clubs.
In the applications on the main screen in the upper right corner of the icon - "magnifying glass". When you click on it, a form will open for filling: club id and agent id. You need to fill in both lines, send a request and write to our operators in Telegram or WhatsApp the nickname of your account. As soon as they accept the application to join the club, it will appear on the main screen
Yes, you can apply for membership in all our clubs. The balance from club to club can be transferred through our operators.
It is necessary to ask the operators the actual details for recharge. They will choose a convenient option for you payment system. As soon as you make a deposit, the operators will check its receipt and replenish your balance instantly.
From one emulator it is possible to play at 4 tables. It is allowed to run several emulators with different accounts. In PPPoker it is allowed to play one MTT from different accounts, in PokerBros it is prohibited.
For all clubs and accounts the balance of chips is different, but you can always ask operators to transfer chips from club to club, from account to account.
Each club varies, depending on the country of the players. You can look at the table or the operators.
The minimum deposit of $10, the maximum is unlimited.
no fee