Poker requires discipline and careful planning.

The main thing is to plan ahead!

Tip #5

Poker can be a tool that gives structure to your life and promotes self-care, but it requires discipline and careful planning.

For example, if you plan your poker session in advance, your chances of success will likely increase. Let’s say you have a poker session scheduled for Sunday.
You have two options: one is to tune in on Sunday and play a bunch of games, and the other is to set up and host a session the day before. You can then prioritize your well-being, get enough sleep, exercise, enjoy a leisurely meal, and even set your tables for a session of micro cash games.

Although there is a possibility that you will not make significant progress on that particular day, strategically planning your session in this way increases your “expected value.” This means that in the long run, this approach is more likely to lead to better overall results and a more enjoyable poker experience.

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