Plus poker games: you can WIN! The disadvantage of playing poker: you can LOSE!

Season 5 The Game 1.1

Video in Russian

The game is attended by:

  • Nicolai Fall is a professional poker player with 11 years in the professional poker scene, over 20 cups around the world, over $2 million in live tournament prizes and more online.
  • Vladimir Utkin is an actor, producer, public figure, president of the All-Russian Public Fund for the Support and Development of Sports of the Russian Federation, captain of the STAR OF RUSSIA hockey team.
  • Raim is a musician, author and performer. Member of the second season of “Songs” on TNT. Many people know him under the pseudonym Raim Triger.
  • Kirill Kaganovich is a theater and film actor. Known for the series “Daddy’s Daughters”, “The Club”, “The King and the Jester”, for the humorous newsreel “Yeralash” and the film “About Love” Adults Only “with John Malkovich.
  • Nikita ZARAZ is a blogger with silver and gold YouTube buttons. Started my first channel at the age of 14. He worked as a YouTube analyst and then opened his offline business, so he combines creative and corporate spirit.
  • Ilya Zinchenko is the winner of the selection for participation in “Evening Poker”. He plays poker professionally on the Internet, which is how he earns his living. For the sake of poker, he left the university, where he studied as a programmer. In his free time he goes in for sports and plays computer games.

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