CHEATERS DON'T PLAY POKER! Uncle Misha is going for the heads

Poker Night ♣ Season 4 Game 5.3

The game involves:

  • Alexander Golovin – theater and film actor, known for his roles in the TV series “Kadetstvo”, “Daddy’s Girls”, “Kremlin Cadets” and the films “Yolki”, “Yolki-2”, “Bastards”.
  • Konstantin Shelyagin – theater and film actor and teacher. Known for the TV series “Univer. New Dorm”.
  • Pasha Rudenko – soul singer, composer, participant of the show “Songs” Season 2 on TNT.
  • Alexander Zayontz – founder, president/CEO of the Hoff chain.
  • Mikhail Korotkikh is a big fan of poker, known as “Uncle Misha”. His legendary phrases: “Give me money!” and “Bring in the cabbage!” the whole world knows. He is a regular player of the international poker series with the total winnings in tournaments of more than 1 million dollars. Also he is a repeated winner of the Europen Poker Tour (European Poker Tour) and many other poker series.
  • Vladislav Naumov is the winner of the selection for the Evening Poker.

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