YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PLEASURE! It's not profitable to worry in poker

Night Poker ♣ Season 4 Finale Game 1

Video in Russian

The game is attended by:

  • Andrey Zaichenko is a poker player from Russia who has won over $3 million in poker. He is the owner of the World Series of Poker bracelet. He is also known for being the only Russian who has won all the major tournaments on the Internet at once – SCOOP, FTOPS, WCOOP.
  • Yuri Pashchinsky is a professional billiard player, world, European and Russian champion in Russian billiards. The first Honored Master of Sports in Russian billiards in the world. Holder of four records entered in the Russian Book of Records.
  • Pavel Zanozin is a sports commentator and host of Channel One.
  • Grechanik – singer, fiancé of Elvira T.
  • Pasha Rudenko is a soul performer, composer, participant in the show “Songs” of the 2nd season on TNT, who received the approval of Basta and Timati.
  • Stanislav Melnikov – the winner of the selection for participation in “Evening Poker”, an IT student, a semi-professional poker player.

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