Stephen Chidwick is a British poker player who went from an ordinary player to a real professional

Stephen Chidwick


  • Name: Stephen Chidwick
  • Date of birth: May 10, 1989
  • Place of birth:  Deal, UK
  • Education:
  • Citizenship: UK
  • Nickname: Stevie444
  • Total winnings: $54,466,698
  • Best run: $5,368,947
  • Popularity rating: 3

Personal life

Stephen Chidwick was born in Deal, a small town on the North Sea coast in southeast England. His childhood was calm. He did not stand out in any way among tens of thousands of English classmates.

Little is known about Stephen’s hobbies during his student years. The poker player himself says that he played golf professionally and participated in tournaments, but for some reason he gave up this activity. Whatever the reasons, Chidwick certainly chose the right path.

Stephen’s wife’s name is Maria, and they had a daughter in 2019. He considers his wife and girlfriend to be his main assistants in the game. As he himself has repeatedly admitted, without them he would not have been able to achieve such success as he does now. Being British, he travels a lot to find new poker adventures and interesting holiday destinations. Stephen Chidwick believes that the ability to switch from one game to another is one of the most useful skills a poker player can have.

The Englishman started playing online poker at the age of 16. Stephen is registered on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker under the username stevie444. During his early years of playing poker, he played in freeroll tournaments.


The talented young man soon beat most of his rivals and began playing for real money. He had no deposits and made real money from freerolls. However, in the mid-90s of the last century, online poker rooms were very weak.

In 2009, he took second place in the Full Tilt $300 online poker series and won $142,155. By the age of 25, the Briton had $3 million in winnings from online poker rooms alone. Only in online poker rooms

First bracelet

For a long time, Stephen was considered the strongest poker player who had yet to win a WSOP bracelet. However, he recently managed to correct this misconception by winning a gold bracelet at the 2019 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller tournament. Despite the impressive prize fund, many believe that the Englishman’s career is just beginning.

Stephen Chidwick is a poker player with a difference: he rarely plays cash games, doesn’t like the margins of online tournaments, and doesn’t talk much about himself. He also believes that meditation is one of the most important factors for poker success.

Secrets of success

Many beginners, amateurs and even professionals wonder how Stephen managed to go from a freeroll player on PokerStars to a poker legend. Stephen himself listed the main, in his opinion, reasons for his success:

  • Love for mathematics
  • Strict adherence to the GTO strategy
  • Meditation
  • Family

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