American professional poker player Phil Helmuth, information about his career, achievements and interesting facts.

Phil Hellmuth: Biography


Phil Hellmuth rose to fame in the poker world at a young age when he won a WSOP Main Event bracelet in 1989. At the age of 24, he became the youngest World Series champion in history. He was a big name from the very beginning and remains so to this day.

Introduction to Poker

His family introduced him to poker as a child, but it was during his university years (1985) that he became interested in the game. He saved $20,000 locally and spent it in Las Vegas in 10 weeks. The second trip to the gambling capital was more successful and brought in a profit of $10,000. This prompted him to seriously consider a career in poker, and he dropped out of university. Helmut then worked on a farm for some time.

His parents were at first hesitant to support their son’s choice, but he soon proved that it was the right step. In 1989, a young Phil Hellmuth became the youngest WSOP champion, winning $755,000. After this, his life changed dramatically. He became an active tournament player and won a lot of prize money. Most of the tournaments Hellmuth played in were so successful that he was called a phenomenon at the time, not only for his prize money, but also for his high finishes.


By 2006, Phil had won 10 WSOP bracelets and was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2007. Hellmuth currently holds the record for most bracelets won at the World Series of Poker, has had success in tournaments and cash games, and is also the host of poker programs.

Hellmuth often appears on poker shows and is a host. In poker circles, Hellmuth is known not only for the quality of his play, but also for his manners at the table. He does not take losses well and is often rude to his opponents.

Interesting Facts

  • The poker player dropped out of his studies at the University of Wisconsin to play poker.
  • Early in his career, Hellmuth worked as a farmhand at Blaine Farms, plowing the land and cultivating corn.
  • In 1989, Hellmuth won his first WSOP bracelet in the Main Event of the series and became the youngest WSOP Main Event champion (at 24 years old). This title belonged to the poker player for almost 20 years until WSOP ME 2008 was won by 22-year-old Peter Eastgate, and then in 2009 the event was won by Joe Cada at the minimum age required to participate in the tournament – 21 years old. His record has not yet been broken. Phil Hellmuth gave away almost all of his bracelets to his relatives and friends.
  • At one time, Hellmuth was on the team of the Ultimate Poker poker room.
  • He became one of the participants in the popular poker show High Stakes Poker in three seasons (first, fourth and sixth). For the last few years he has been a commentator for WSOP events and takes part in many other broadcasts. For example, he participated in the Poker After Dark show both as a player and as a commentator.
  • A poker player is often called outrageous for his desire to stand out. So, over the past 10 years, he came to the WSOP several times in different outfits. It was a racer’s suit, Caesar’s outfit, an army general’s uniform and an MMA fighter’s robe. In 2018, Helmut donned the Thor costume.
  • Hellmuth is a big basketball fan. His favorite team is the GoldenStateWarriors.
  • Hellmuth entered the poker hall of fame in 2007.
  • Hellmuth has written several books about poker, including Play Poker Like the Pros, Bad Beats and Lucky Draws, and The Best Poker Hands of All Time. The Greatest Poker Hands Ever Played”). In 2017, Hellmuth’s autobiographical book: “Poker Brat: The Phil Hellmuth Story” was published.
  • Phil Helmuth has repeatedly appeared in episodic roles in films and TV series.
  • In an interview, Phil admitted that he plans to earn 24 World Series of Poker bracelets.
  • Almost every year the poker player organizes charity tournaments.

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