Most poker fans know him as a brilliant commentator, streamer and analyst.

Ilya Gorodetsky


Ilya Gorodetsky
Russia, University of Management


Ilya Golodetsky was born in Moscow. From an early age, Ilya was actively involved in chess and was able to become a candidate master of sports. Then the man gave up this business and returned to him after college, which, by the way, he graduated with honors.

Poker training

Ilya first learned about poker in 2005. Friends told him a little about the rules of the game, and then Gorodetsky himself began to develop in this direction. At first there were freerolls and cheap tournaments, and then Ilya became fully involved and mastered 3 Tom Harringtons. It took Gorodetsky more than 1 year to achieve serious results. Initially, he played only online, but later became a frequent guest of offline tournaments in the capital.


Ilya began to play a lot in larger tournaments thanks to the famous professional poker player and fans Sergei Rybachenko. Gorodetsky was invited to the team, he agreed.

Many times players took part in popular tournaments with sponsorship money from the project. In 2009, Ilya took part in the WSOP in Las Vegas, where she placed 5,000th in a £41 buy-in event, earning £17,270. However, the most money was participation in the EPT in London, where Ilya took 3rd place for $62,400.

Currently, Gorodetsky participates much less often in live tournaments, but also in online tournaments. Previously, Ilyushan also played online cash games. Now Ilya spends most of his time in comments and other projects.

Mass media

In 2006, Ilya was invited to comment on poker on channel 7TV, as she claimed, “by chance.” Time Ilya was still successful and, most importantly, commented on the game interestingly, so it was a wise decision on the part of the TV channel. In 2007, Gorodetsky was offered to collaborate with Poker Europe magazine, and soon became editor-in-chief. Then there was the Russian-language project PokerNews, but at that time it failed because poker was banned in Russia at that time.

Now Ilya continues to actively comment on the largest poker events in the world, thereby delighting the audience.

Interesting facts

  • The commentary duo of Ilya Gorodetsky and Mikhail Semin are called the best in the Russian poker community. Both guys are called the “poker voice of Russia”.
  • Ilya Gorodetsky candidate master of sports in chess.
  • Ilya doesn’t watch Channel One, Rossiya 1, and NTV;
  • Ilya Gorodetsky is engaged in charity, and his wife Nyuta Federmesser is the head of the charitable Foundation for Hospice Care “Vera”.

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