Tan Shuan is one of the strongest players in China

Daniel Tang: Biography

Personal life

His father is an official in the Ministry of Education. For his peers in Wuhan, Shuan leads an ideal lifestyle. While others traveled from point A to point B on public transport like sardines, Tang Shuang traveled the same routes accompanied by a full-time driver and earned between 2 and 3 million yuan ($290,000-$435,000) a year.

Tan started his business in 2009 after graduating from university. He bought an art and dance school, where the management called him “President Tan”. Then his interest turned to more reliable ways of making money. He first became interested in the steel industry and then moved into finance. Shuan currently lives in Wuhan (a city that will be on the front page of every news site in the early 2020s) and earns 2-3 million yuan ($300-$430 thousand) per year.


He became interested in poker in 2014:

A friend played in the largest poker club in Wuhan and one day invited me to join him. When I first walked into a poker room, I was amazed. It reminded me of Macau casinos, which I had only seen in movies before. The sound of chips from that day is forever etched in my memory.

I immediately fell in love with poker, but I was overconfident. After just two games, I was offered to go for 25/50 [currency not specified]. I immediately agreed and by the end of the first session I had lost 20,000. But poker immediately hooked me. The next day I came back and lost another 70,000. I became addicted and played every day for the next two months, but kept losing.

After becoming interested in poker, financial problems with the business began. In just a few months, Tan lost tens of millions of dollars worth of property. His father also became aware of the poker hobby and strongly objected to his new hobby.

The turning point came in 2015, when Shuan began paying attention to top players not only in Wuhan, but around the world. He studied Phil Ivey’s poker program and was particularly impressed by Tom Dwan, who hosted a very successful poker show. However, Tan’s main problem was that he had no idea about money management; After studying the game for a year, Tang moved to Shenzhen, where he played poker with his friends. This was the happiest time of his poker career. Tan’s poker skills were admired by many players. After the Magic crash in Shenzhen, the couple headed to Xi’an to play 2000/4000 (about $300/600). At that time, these games were not accessible to him.

Online poker

The player under the nickname “tan4321” is called Tan Xuan. On Russian-language resources you can find various variations of the transliteration of the name Tan Xuan: Tan Huang, Tan Shuan, Tan Shuang, Tan Ruan, Tan Xuan.

You feel at ease in Tang Shuan’s presence. The natural feeling of relaxation that you feel when you first look at it will accompany you throughout your life. It’s not that Shuan is not receptive to challenges – he has them. He’s different. Shuan is not a show-off. He is rather an introvert. He never foresaw his poker fate, but he was always ready for it if it overtook him. And it happened.

The official Triton Series website, which is the only source of information about the player, has this cryptic description of the player. Shuan is a regular at the Triton Series, where Tan lost a €1,164,000 pot to Nikita Bodyakovsky. You may have already seen a cash game: top pair and deuces from the Belarusian, who managed to close the river with two flushes.

Offline poker

Tan Shuan has earned $3,692,772 in live tournaments. He ranks 6th in the ranking of the strongest players in China. The main cash of more than $2,300,000 was won in the 6+ Triton Poker SHRS tournament in Montenegro in 2018.

Tan Shuan knows something about cards, especially 6+. This conclusion can be drawn judging by the results. But THM does not take into account the statistics of tournaments in which Tan did not qualify for ITM. For example, he entered the £1,050,000 Triton Million London 2019 but didn’t make it into the money. It is also unknown how tightly and how well he played the expensive Triton Series.

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