Daniel Negreanu is a poker expert with over $21 million, 6 WSOP bracelets and a huge fortune, and 2 World Poker Tour titles

Daniel Negreanu: Biography

Negreanu is recognized as Canada’s richest poker player, surpassing Phil Ivey and Antonio Esfandiari in terms of only the largest amount of winnings.


Daniel has been interested in sports since childhood and dreamed of playing snooker. During the same period of his life, he learned to play poker and became a frequent visitor to the poker room. Having won a significant amount of money, he completely forgot about this sport.

In 1997, Daniel was very lucky: he won two games in the World Poker Finals and received a prize of £55,000. This victory gave him determination, he took first place in the World Series of Hold’em, received a payout of 169 thousand and won his first bracelet.

Player of the Year

In Paris, at the WSOPE in 2013, he won the high roller tournament, where the buy-in was 25,000. By winning this event, he earned 1,100 million. A few months later, Daniel would fly to Melbourne to win a no-limit hold’em tournament and take home another million dollars. Daniel Negreanu signed a contract with the PokerStars poker room in 2007 and became part of the poker pro team.


He was also involved in teaching. In 2006, he organized his own offline tournament in order to find a protégé. Daniel wanted to train him to compete in world-class events. Brian Findler became his first student, and in 2007, in the same way, he chose Anthony Mack as his student.


Daniel Negreanu quickly became a popular figure, participating in various television shows and having the opportunity to star in large-scale films. He starred in the film “The Thing” and played his role in the film “Lucky”.

Daniel has repeated more than once that he would undoubtedly have tried to break into the film industry if he had not connected his life with professional poker.

Interesting Facts

  • Daniel Negreanu is an introvert. Daniel is incredibly popular, which clearly interferes with his personal life. He is always surrounded by cameras, passers-by always notice him on the streets, which do not allow Daniel to pass so easily, and many fans look at the camera.
  • Negreanu is crazy about Hearthstone. PokerStars once stated that Negreanu was addicted to this game, and this is not a joke.
  • It turns out that the great “Kidpoker” really likes the Russian language, or rather, its obscene side. Daniel often uses “great and mighty” in his Twitch.tv broadcasts
  • A few years ago, Negreanu decided to take serious care of his health and improve his physical fitness. Well, he’s currently performing well, and it’s all thanks to his trainer, fitness model Tiffany Boydston.

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