Christopher Brewer, a native of California, did not learn to play poker as a child, but after trying to play once, he fell in love with it for many years

Christopher Brewer: Biography

Personal life

Chris Brewer was predicted to have a great future in sports – the American had good prospects of joining the US Olympic track and field team. However, the guy chose a different path and doesn’t regret it at all.

All this would have been impossible without the strong-willed determination of Chris Brewer: as a teenager, the American specialized in long-distance running and even aspired to get into the US national team. However, shortly before graduating from college, he discovered poker and made a choice in favor of mind games.

Chris’s decision was largely influenced by the nature of his training in his chosen sport. He believed that the intensity of this sport was comparable to swimming or weightlifting. After realizing he didn’t want to spend most of his life running, Brewer began looking for other activities. One of them was poker.


Without taking off his sneakers and shorts, Chris was already learning about his new profession. Brewer registered in one of the online rooms where he played cash games, began reading specialized literature and spent hours analyzing his sessions. Soon the guy moved up the limits and moved from virtual tables to live ones. Chris’s career took him to Los Angeles, where he lost almost all his money.

Feeling that he could improve and win more, Chris began reading books and articles, watching training videos, analyzing workouts and combining them with studying and running, playing 25 hours a week.

In one of the sessions with blinds of 10/25 dollars, the poker player exchanged 70 thousand. Chris is almost back to square one in his career. However, in a deadly showdown, Brewer’s ace-jack held out against an aggressive 7-5 opponent. These winning hands made him stronger and allowed him to be calm about the future failures that awaited him.

Gradually, the $1/$2 cash games began to bring him income, and eventually he began playing $5/$5 and $10/$25 cash games at the Ocean’s Eleven poker club in San Diego. A few years later, Chris spent a year in Los Angeles playing live $10/$20 and $20/$40 cash games and even made it to the $100/$200 showdown. His aggressive playing style and dreams of reaching and breaking the maximum limits helped him make his way to the top.

Just two years ago, Chris Brewer specialized in expensive cash games and became a self-sufficient poker player: in 6-7 years, the American went from $1/2 micro-limits to games where you could buy used cars for the price of the big blind.


The American directed much smaller investments into tournament poker, which for him was entertainment, burning time while waiting for worthy opponents at the cash tables. Everything changed when a pandemic broke out on the planet. Left alone with the monitor, Chris began to pay more attention to online MTT, and the successful tournament course of Nick Petrangelo and Ben “bencb789” radically changed Chris’s attitude and approach to the game.

Online poker

Chris remembers with a smile the cruel cooler in the online game that brought him together with the high-roll mastodon Viktor Malinovsky. In a 4-bet pot, “limitless” somehow miraculously held out a 7-2 suite to the river and nailed Brewer’s two terrible pairs – aces/tens – with a straight. In the bank, for a second, there was already $500,000. But no one is immune from this, Chris summarizes, if you play at limits of 1000/2000 bucks.

Offline poker

Brewer played in several $10,000 live tournaments at the end of 2020 and won his first live poker title on December 18th for $108,000. From there, everything went smoothly – in 2021, Chris won five times and finished 37 times, earning $427,500 and $3,070,091 for the season.

2021 has been a truly banner year for Brewer. Here is a short list of his achievements in live tournaments:

  • 15th place in the world in terms of prize money – $3,070,091;
  • 37 prizes;
  • 5 wins, 4 of which were in PokerGO Tour tournaments with buy-ins of $10K, $25K and $50K;
  • Best cash registration – $427,500 for winning $25K Poker Masters #8.

Of course, there were some shocks. Chris Brewer has been named the world’s biggest loser. The American took part in eight tournaments with a $100,000 buy-in, and lost in all cases. But the athlete certainly has no equal in fighting spirit. Already in January of this year, Chris Brewer took three first places in three prestigious live tournaments and was looking forward to another successful season.

Chris’s attitude towards high stakes

Unlike most regulars of the expensive game, who praise high stakes for its uniqueness and some sophistication of the atmosphere, Chris does not share their emotions. In his opinion, there is something false about playing for high stakes with celebrities who, in his opinion, never talk outside the table.

For Chris, the value of expensive games is that everyone knows each other and is not as predatory towards opponents as, for example, at $200/$400.

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