Carey Katz is an American businessman and player who took up poker at age 34.

Cary Katz


In 1970, Cary Katz was born into a middle-income American family. He did well in school, had many friends, and had a clear goal of becoming rich. It is noteworthy that most of his close friends predicted success for the young man.

In the early 1990s, Carey graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in business administration; in 1999, he founded a company that provided loans for higher education. Katz served as the company’s CEO for 15 years. The company subsequently became the seventh largest lender in the United States ($19 billion).

Thus, Carey Katz definitely did not earn his first million dollars by playing poker. Little is known about the personal life of poker player and businessman Cary Katz. His wife’s name is Jackie Katz and they have six children. The whole family lives in Las Vegas. Each of the couple’s children is famous in some area, but there is no specific information about them either. In 2015, the poker player put his property in Las Vegas (built in 2001) up for sale for $22 million.


Katz began his poker journey at age 34, later than 2003 WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker. His grandmother was a poker player in her youth, and it was she who introduced Carey to the world of card games. All this happened in 2004.

Possessing extraordinary mathematical abilities, Carey quickly learned the intricacies of poker and began to play it profitably; in 2004, the American made his debut in live tournaments. His first success came at the Festa al Lago II series tournament in Las Vegas. There he won $10,381 in prize money.

Cary Katz was a wealthy man when he started playing poker, and early in his career he could afford to play in high-stakes tournaments with buy-ins of thousands of dollars.

First successes

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From 2004 to 2007, the American participated in local tournament series, winning relatively small prize money, up to a maximum of $30,000. His first major success came in 2008, when he finished 12th and 13th in two WPT events, and in 2009, Carey played in the biggest WSOP event of 2009 ($10,000 World Championship No-Limit Hold’em – prize money) fund $40,288). He ranked 159th.

Although there were no major wins in the following years, the American’s game steadily increased: in 2014, Cary Katz took fourth place in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure tournament, taking home more than $500,000 in prize money. This was the beginning of the official career of the American poker player, which continues to this day.

Career takeoff

2014 marked the beginning of Cary Katz’s success. Since then, he has developed into a poker player who regularly wins six-figure prize money at major international tournaments. The American made the money list six times at the 2014 WSOP and three times at the 2015 WSOP. His best result was eighth place in a $1 million buy-in tournament with a prize pool of $1.3 million or more.

In 2016, Carey Katz finished fifth in the WSOP, €888,889 + €111,111 No-Limit Texas Hold’em Big Hole-in-One, winning €1.75 million in prize money. That same year, he took first place in the Aria Super High Roller American High Roller Series tournament for $733,000.

The subsequent period was marked by even greater gains – 2nd place at Triton Poker 2018, winnings at PCA 2018 and SHRB London 2019. In two years, Carey Katz received over $10 million.

But, again, no WSOP gold bracelets. The American came close to winning this prestigious award in 2017 when he finished second in the $1,500 No Limit Texas Hold’em event (Event #52).

Latest results

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In 2020, the American took part in the WSOP online poker tournament at GGPokerOK without much success. However, before the coronavirus pandemic, Katz had success in four Partypoker MILLIONS tournaments in Sochi in early March.

Biggest Wins

Event Winning Year
£250,000 + 2,500 No Limit Hold’em – SHRB London £2,100,000 2019
£250,000 No Limit Hold’em – Short Deck Ante Only £1,724,500 2019
€888,889 + 111,111 No Limit Hold’em Big One For One Drop €1,750,000 2016
HK$1,000,000 No Limit Hold’em – Short Deck Ante-Only 1M HKD $1,773,722 2018

In 2021, Carey competed primarily in the High Roller Series on the PokerGO Tour in Las Vegas. Here he took part in about 30 tournaments and earned more than $3 million.

Fall 2021

Cary Katz finished 2021 productively, playing at the World Series of Poker and the PokerGO Tour. At each series, he took part in three events and won prizes in all of them:

Event Winning Place Series
H.O.R.S.E. (Event #2) $42,162 12 WSOP
8 Game — 6 Handed (Event #23) $2,415 68 WSOP
No Limit Hold’em — 6 Handed (Event #25) $8,794 68 WSOP
No Limit Hold’em — Aria High Roller 32 $42,400 5 PokerGO
No Limit Hold’em — Aria High Roller 34 $20,500 6 PokerGO
No Limit Hold’em — Aria High Roller 36 $67,200 3 PokerGO

At these tournaments, the poker player showed not only his high class, but also his ability to play different disciplines – 6+ Hold’em and Shortdeck. Getting into the prizes of six tournaments brought Cary Katz over $180 thousand. The only thing the player can regret is the lack of a WSOP bracelet once again.

During these tournaments, the poker player demonstrated not only his high level of skill, but also his abilities in various disciplines – 6+ hold’em and short deck. Through six tournaments, Cary Katz has won more than $180,000, but his only regret is not winning another WSOP bracelet.


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In 2015, Cary Katz, along with Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari, launched Poker Central, the first 24/7 poker channel. Initially, the channel broadcast past tournaments, popular TV shows and recordings of the 00s programs Face the Ace, Pokerography and Stories from the Felt.

However, this model only lasted a little over a year: in 2016, the channel switched to subscription and was renamed PokerGO (for a monthly fee of $10); As of 2019, the platform’s programming library includes ESPN’s popular poker shows, WSOP tournament coverage (since 2011), and all original programming. Examples include Friday Night Poker and the Dolly’s Game series of cash games starring Doyle Brunson and other stars.

PokerGO also hosts the SHRB, US Poker Open and Poker Masters High Roller series at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Carey Katz never misses a PokerGO event and often wins his own events.

Interesting Facts

The life of a man who has won over $33 million in poker, by definition, cannot be boring. Here are some interesting facts about Cary Katz:

  • Unlike most other star poker players, he earned his first million dollars long before he became interested in this game.
  • At the WSOP 2019, Cary Katz managed to multi-table in two tournaments and get into the prize zone of both events (on the Internet you can find a video of a poker player moving between two tables).
  • At the 2014 Big One For One Drop tournament, he delivered the worst bad beat to his opponent Connor Drinan, beating his pair of aces with a similar pair of aces (flush).
  • Carey Katz is one of a small list of players with such an impressive amount of prize money in all poker tournaments, but without a WSOP bracelet.
  • The platform of the American and his partners is called Netflix of Poker, because it contains a huge amount of video materials on this game.
  • He considers himself a strong poker player, but admits that many of his successes are due to luck and coincidence.

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