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union: Fourth Union
country: Russia

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Review of the TEREMOK club

Like any other of our clubs, Teremok has complete autonomy: the cash desk and fields are individual for each club.

The queues for the tables are much shorter, since there are many gaming tables.

Vertical game on both mobile devices and computers.

Club country and players

The Teremok club is part of the Russian Union, where you can see about 1000 cash tables and MTT at the same time. The bulk of players in the union are Russian players. The playing field is a little more complicated than in the PokerBros and Suprema clubs.

Game Rush Hour

Maximum games in the evening.


In Teremok, players can play cash games in several disciplines at the following limits:

NLH – from NL20 (0.01/0.02) to NL1000 (5/10), and tables are larger

PLO5 – from PL20 (0.01/0.02) to PL10000 (50/100)

PLO4 – from PL20 (0.01/0.02) to PL200 (10/20)

PLO6 – from PL20 (0.01/0.02) to PL5000 (25/50)

OFC – from 0.1 to 2, as well as PLO H/L tables, 6+.


The MTT assortment is not the largest among all our clubs. Minimum buy-in: 1. MTTs are held in different disciplines – NLH (dominant quantity) and PLO5.


Джекпот 1

The average jackpot at the club ranges around 60,000-80,000, which is a nice bonus for players!


The minimum rb for all our players in Teremok is 40%.

How to get a?

By choosing a game in this club, you automatically become the owner of a rb.

How to increase?

It all depends on you. The amount of rb may increase depending on how actively you play and at what limits. Accrued by our managers once a week on Mondays.

The second way to increase your profit is to invite your acquaintances and friends who love to play poker to join us.

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