Intermediate results and successes of Russian-speaking players at the Merit Poker Western Series festival in Cyprus

Success of Maxim Shornikov in High Roller in Cyprus

Cyprus is the second Sochi

Northern Cyprus will soon become a “second Sochi”. With each series, more and more Russians and Belarusians flock here, who are consistently leading the race.

Maxim’s victory

The Merit Poker Western Series festival is currently taking place on the island, and Belarusian Maxim Shornikov has already won. The poker player beat 153 other participants and won the high roller tournament for $5,300. Maxim’s live winnings are just over $250,000, so the new win was his best one-time win of $177,500.

Other players

A couple of Russians also made their mark at the final table: Alexander Kirichenko (4th place) and Anatoly Nikitin (5th place) with prize money of $58,500 and $43,800, respectively. Meanwhile, 20 Russian athletes continue to fight in Cyprus, including chip leader Dmitry Yurasov, Andrey Pateychuk and Vladimir Troyanovsky.

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