Who took part? What are the prizes? How was the tournament?

Our players in the Luxon Invitational tournament

The most anticipated tournament of the Triton Poker series has begun – the $250,000 Luxon Invitational. The rules for holding it have not changed: VIP players (their selection criteria are unknown) invite the pros.

This year the tournament was attended by such Russian-speaking poker players as Nikita Bodyakovsky, Alexey Ponyakov, Viktor Malinovsky, Ramin Khadzhiev, who won a similar tournament; Triton regular participant Artur Martirosyan was unable to come to London due to difficulties obtaining a visa.

The total prize fund exceeded $28,000,000. On the first day, which took place live, VIPs and pros played on different fields. While the pros were adding to their stacks with difficult hands, the amateurs in the next room were having fun, mercilessly betting 400BB on the first level. Our guys taking part: Nikita Bodyakovsky, Viktor Malinovsky, Alexey Ponyakov, Viktor Malinovsky, Alexey Ponyakov, Ramin Gadzhiev.

The tournament will take place over three days, but there is still plenty of action ahead: the main events for hold’em and short stack have been announced, as well as a cash game with a minimum buy-in of $1,000,000. High rollers will gather on August 11th and 12th. Given the large number of “VIPs” flocking to London, the game will undoubtedly attract many tables and tens of thousands of spectators.

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