Some results of Triton Poker in Monte Carlo

News from Triton: ours have no trophies yet

The Triton Poker tournament series in Monte Carlo has quickly come to an end. All the tournaments, in which tens of millions of dollars in prize money were awarded, have already passed: only 57 people took part in the starting tournament with a prize fund of $50,000, and more than 160 took part in the last tournament. One of the recent champions was Bulgarian poker professional Ognyan Dimov. He won the $30,000 NLH tournament and received a prize pool of $1,010,000. His compatriot Dimitar Danchev (13th place, $74,000) and several other Russian-speaking poker pros actively participated in this event:

  • 8th place: Nikita Bodyakovsky (Belarus) – $126,500.
  • 9th place: Igor Yaroshevsky (Ukraine) – $100,700.
  • 19th place: Alexey Ponyakov (Latvia) – $54,800.
  • 21st place: Artur Martirosyan (Russia) – $51,000.

The next tournament to create a stir was the $40,000 NLH 7-max “Mystery Bounty”, which attracted 162 entries, with former football player Mario Mosbeck winning the game with the highest score.

Mario not only won the tournament, but also scored 10 knockout wins and took home $720,000 in prize money, while sixth-place Russian Vyacheslav Buldygin took home just $166,300 in prize money but only one knockout win. He was unable to knock out his opponent even once. However, he was lucky enough to win one of the top prizes of $100,000 in the envelope drawing.

The next event – $50,000 NLH 7-max – had the usual format, but attracted 162 participants. The winner of the tournament was Hong Kong poker professional Danny Tan ($1,580,000). He played heads-up with Isaac Haxton, but was unable to advance to heads-up and took second place, receiving $1,070,000. Thus, Isaac once again confirmed his status as one of the most successful players of the year.

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