Poker records never cease to amaze, and the complex organization of the event does not become a hindrance

Hustler Casino Live plans to offer 24/7 streaming for the first time

Hustler Casino Live continues to set records in the field of poker broadcasts. The platform has released a lot of interesting content this year, including the first game with a minimum bet of $1 million.

Another new feature that will appeal to thousands of viewers is HCL’s unprecedented 24-hour cash game broadcast with minimum limits of $100/$200. Hustler Casino Live has only come close to this length once before – in 2022. Then the Friday show lasted until the morning and set a record amount of bets – $749,000. A year later, Tom Dwan broke this record by betting $3,100,000.

According to Ryan Feldman, co-owner of HCL, the logistics of such a release are extremely complex. According to Ryan Feldman, co-owner of HCL, the logistics of such a live event are extremely complex. Players cannot be at the poker table for 24 hours, as well as commentators, camera operators and other studio employees. In this regard, it is planned that players will be replaced according to the waiting list, within a certain time or after losing a stack (fatigue).

“It will be a big logistical job. Ideally, the players will warn me when they are thinking about leaving, and I will have a backup at the ready.”

says Feldman.

However, Ryan believes that there are few participants who can run a 24-hour marathon. Replacement occurs not only among athletes. Both commentators and logistics staff will be replaced every few hours.

The race will last five days, starting November 27. Despite the fact that there are still several weeks before the start, the first team members have already been confirmed. The race will feature Alan Keating, Nick Airball, DoorDash founder Stanley Tan, Charles Yu, Andy Stacks and car dealership owner Brandon Stephen. (Brandon Stephen). Another participant is Santosh Suvarna. The Indian amateur has won tournaments and money races on Triton, and this marathon promises to be interesting.

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