Savina Anastasia knocked out a victory from her opponent and took first place in the tournament for the first time

Anastasia Savina became the best female poker player about SPF HR: WINTER

SPF High Roller

The women’s tournament, held at the Festival of Poker Clubs in Sochi, did not lose its popularity even in such an expensive series as SPF High Roller: Winter. Despite the fact that the buy-in price was raised to 21,000 rubles, more than thirty amateur poker players decided to compete for the title. The first 34th serial number in the schedule of the women’s series symbolically attracted 34 participants with a prize fund of just over 600,000 rubles. As soon as the tournament began, the girls demonstrated their poker skills in front of television cameras, 150 spectators and Leonid Khomich.

Tournament duration

The women’s tournament always takes place during the day, so despite the small number of participants (compared to other events in the series), the tournament continues until late at night. This time the girls spent ten and a half hours determining the winner, eight of which were spent preparing the final table.

Women’s tournament lineup

In the women’s tournament, an impressive lineup reached the decisive stage. Finals regulars Evgeniya Lozovaya, Irina Kudrina and Elena Yasyuchenya are fighting for the trophy, Natalya Shelukhina acts as the chip leader, Elena Shavonina and Irina Murnietse have already felt the taste of the Grand Final and are giving it their all, and Anastasia Savina, apparently, wants to atone for the defeat in the first set of the women’s tournament two months ago, final table debutants Zemfira Rokotova and Inna Guryeva were unlikely to immediately surrender to the local card sharks.

But this is how it turned out: Shavonina and Rokotova flew out quite quickly, sending all their chips to Anastasia Savina’s box. Elena played younger and did not buy three outs, and Zemfira did not pull out a coinflip. The last to leave without any prizes was Evgenia Lozovaya, who, with an ultra-short stack, found a good hand to put out. She was supported by Elena Yasyuchenya, but already on the flop, Evgenia’s prospects in this tournament became very vague. In the minimum money (one and a half thousand more than the buy-in), Irina Murniece was eliminated, she was dealt kings in aces against Anastasia Savina. Elena Yasyuchenya finished next, her ace-jack offsuit did not work against the ace-king suited by Natalya Shelukhina.

Fight and prize for first place

Irina Kudrina took second place (for the third time!) in the women’s SPF High Roller: Winter Tournament and received 143,500 rubles in prize money. The winner was Anastasia Savina, having won the first victory in her career. Savina made her debut in the prize pool at the SPF Finals last December and finished second. She also received a cash prize of 210,000 rubles for her victory.

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