A variation of poker in which you need to collect two combinations at the same time

Omaha Hi Lo

After PLO, the next variation can be distinguished called Omaha Hi-Lo.

A variation of Omaha in which the pot is divided into two parts:

  • The first goes to the player who has collected the strongest combination
  • The second half goes to the player who collected the low.

A low combination is formed from five cards, starting from 8 and ending with 2. This combination is also called the “wheel”.

In this case, it is quite easy to understand whether there is the smallest combination in the game. It is enough that there are at least three cards on the table, the face value of which would be from nine and below. If the conditions are not met, it is impossible to make a Low combination and the winner will be determined only by High, and it always exists. Low – this is the worst possible combination, where the highest card must be no older than eight. There are situations when there is no low in the hand – then the entire pot goes to the player with the strongest hand.

Please note that in Omaha Hi-Lo there may be a situation in which one player will immediately collect the best and worst combination at the same time. This situation is commonly referred to as scoop.

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