Chinese poker is a card game based on poker hand rankings. It is intended as a beginner-friendly game, with only a basic knowledge of poker hand rankings needed to get started.

Chinese Poker

This variant of poker is very different from the traditional one. As in solitaire, players are dealt 13 cards arranged in three rows on the board (three at the bottom, five in the middle, and five at the top). This game can be played today in many venues.

The task is to collect combinations in increasing strength:

  • The front line is the weakest
  • Mid lane is stronger
  • The back line is the strongest

In general: when collecting combinations from top to bottom, each bottom line must be older than the previous one.

The number of participants in the game is from 2 to 4. There are no mandatory bets. The game is played with a predetermined “jackpot” value. Each line on the board is compared only with the opponent’s line. If the up-down ratio is violated, the opponent’s hand is considered dead, and he loses on all lines.

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