Assess and adapt

How to prepare for the game: Tip #2

Assess and adapt

How you feel right now is not necessarily a reliable indicator of your general state of mind today. Even if you feel rested now, despite not getting enough sleep and eating the leftovers of a cold pizza, the situation can change in just a few minutes. It is imperative to consider this reality before making important decisions. It might be tempting to take a chance and launch an expensive ten-tournament session when everything is in order at the moment. However, if you rely solely on your current feelings and ignore other important factors, this can lead to negative consequences.

In this state, you are more likely to experience burnout or miss important moments during the session, even if you try to remain attentive. Over time, the combined effects of factors such as lack of sleep and failure to take care of your physical well-being can become apparent, potentially compromising your performance at your most critical moments. Therefore, it is important not to rely solely on your feelings immediately before the start of the session and not to make hasty decisions.

Instead, you should make adjustments based on specific facts. By planning and preparing your session in advance, you will have a better idea of how long you are going to play and at what tables. The adjustments you make should be reasonable and based on objective reasons, not just how you “feel” or be affected by sleep deprivation.

Before entering 35 tournaments ranging from 1 to 250 euros per entry, take the time to ask yourself the relevant questions. Think about your recent performance: have you played well in the last few days? Think about the quality of your sleep and whether you are maintaining a balanced game pace. Assess your diet and make sure you have enough fluids and nutrition to keep you focused in the hours ahead.

This advice is especially relevant for MTT players, because once the session starts, you are completely ready to play, and in this discipline there is no turning back. It is very important to prepare well before the start of the games.

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